AYESA Foundation (Fundación AYESA) is a Spanish non-profit organization promoted by Ayesa, whose objective is to generate and transfer knowledge in a broad range of engineering and technology areas, such as information society, natural resources sustainability, civil infrastructures, industry, energy, telecommunications and architecture

Since its creation, AYESA group companies, have participated in more than 40 research projects in different national and international programs, and coordinated more than 20 research projects. Among these projects, currently is coordinating INNBALANCE FCH2 project concerning the Balance of Plan cost optimization.

Role in the project:

Ayesa Foundation is the HEAVEN Coordinator and furthermore responsible to coordinate and facilitate the Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication activities, supported by the other HEAVEN partners.

Besides, FAY participates in the integration of the powertrain systems (the fuel cell system, hydrogen storage and the battery system) into the aircraft demonstrator and to test the technology in ground and in-flight conditions. Particularly, FAY will be involved in the extrapolation of the technology for UAV application for the UAV applications and the analysis of the cost for the two cases studies.

Team members

Thibaud Mouton (tmouton@ayesa.com)

Dr. Thibaud Mouton is R&D Project manager at AYESA Foundation. With more than 10 years of experience, he is a recognized researcher in 3D analysis and simulation applications in engineering, focused on making better decisions during the product design process.

During his doctoral studies in System Mechanical and Materials in the Charles Delaunay Institute at University of Technology of Troyes and his different positions he took the opportunity to work at different leading international private companies.


Website: www.fundacionayesa.org

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e-mail: innovacion@ayesa.com