The main goal of HEAVEN project is to design, develop and integrate a powertrain based on high power fuel cell and cryogenic technology into an existing 2-4 seats aircraft for testing in flight operation. Specifically, the project proposes to design a modular architecture with modular systems that can be scale-up to other sizes of aircrafts and UAV applications. The design methodology is complemented with safety and regulation analysis. Regarding the fuel cell technology, two high power PEM fuel cell systems of 45 kW based on metallic bipolar plates will be adapted for aircraft applications and integrated with optimized balance of plant components to obtain an enhanced 90kW fuel cell system able to propel without support of a battery the aircraft operating modes. The hydrogen storage will be based on cryogenic technology successfully applied in previous space applications in order to achieve a gravimetric index of about 15% for a hydrogen payload between 10 and 25 kg that provides an autonomy range to the demonstrator of 5-8 hours.

Moreover, HEAVEN project will leverage existing drivetrain components and an aircraft demonstrator in order to achieve an overall and successful TRL6 at the end of the project. The technology developments will be enriched with economic and business assessments during the execution of the project. Thus, HEAVEN will produce estimations of a total cost of ownership for the entire life cycle of the technology and business plan for the deployment of the technology in different aeronautics applications.
Finally, HEAVEN consortium comprises large companies, SMEs and well-known research center with a strong experience and knowledge in fuel cell technology development for aeronautic applications that is supported with the participation in previous relevant H2020 projects and national projects.


HEAVEN´s ambition is to demonstrate the relevance of a cryogenic hydrogen fuel-based propulsion technology for regional aircraft market to meet the environmental goals of the next generation of sustainable transport.

To that end, HEAVEN makes use of the deep expertise of the consortium members towards

  • a pressurized fuel cell system with high power density.
  • a novel hydrogen fuel system based on cryogenic technology with a high energy density.
  • the coupling of the developed systems with an already existing aircraft drivetrain.

To ensure the overall success of the project, HEAVEN includes in-flight demonstrations to test performance and controllability in relevant environments.